9 Best Exercise Bikes for Home to Lose Weight

Exercise Bikes for Home: Exercise nowadays has been a part of our daily routine. Its been so indulgent that one feels so hecky without it. Working out at least 20-30 mins per day has been the essence of life. This all began since the evolution of technology. It might be harsh to say that technology has driven our bodies to a state of more resting positions. Our workplaces have definitely had an impact altogether. But, what technology has brought here is the evolution of new working out solutions. One of those is Exercise bikes. Can you cycle in your home, watching your favorite shows, stuff, etc? Definitely not. But, this is pretty much possible now. Exercise bikes for homes are a standing example for that. Exercise bikes have run deeper into the minds of people who are ought to lose weight and work out rapidly indoors. These are both suitable for adults and teens.

Exercise Bikes for home
Exercise Bikes – Indoors

A normal adult can work on these Exercise bikes for merely 30 mins/day and can lose weight up to 2 pounds. For people who are into losing more weight can actually work on it a bit longer. Working on these bikes a bit longer have induced better results for people who are more concerned about weight loss than cardio. But, the major concern of these bikes is that they do not produce an equal/balanced workout. The major stress is on the lower body and hence for a furnished body work out you need to spend a bit of time on other workouts too. Exercise bikes are very helpful for people who are interested in working indoors. Though Exercise bikes do not cover a large area, it is recommended that you install them where there is a wider area. For example, you can install them in your bedroom area, considering bedrooms are more spacious. You can also prefer your basement area. If you have a lawn or something, it feels much better with an out and in atmosphere.


In the upcoming content, we will go through some of the most applicable and cool exercise bikes you can install in your home. Definitely Exercise bikes for the home are a source to lose weight and gain immense strength but where to buy them from? Don’t worry we have got you the best sources to buy them after thorough research. Generally, Exercise bikes are best bought online. The users have been more into e-markets since the past few years and this category goes no cheaper. Exercise bikes have been on sale on a large scale on the E-market sites. Some of the top e-market sites include Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. Down below, all of our recommended products have been best rated on Amazon. You can buy them offline too basing upon your area but you might not find all of the best bikes around. So, we prefer you to buy them online after careful and proper review of each bike.

The range of these Exercise bikes usually ranges around $300-$500. But, some might even cost more depending on comfort, style, and features. They are generally pretty much affordable and possess a great value in terms of cost-value ratio. Usually, there are three different types of exercise bikes. They are Upright bikes, Recumbent bikes, and Indoor Cycles. Exercise bikes have been a boon to all the cardio and weight loss enthusiasts as they are affordable, possess multitasking capability, and also require less space installation.

Types of Exercise Bikes

Before you decide on which one to buy, let us learn about the three major types of Exercise Bikes. As mentioned above, they are generally classified into three types, namely, Upright bikes, Recumbent bikes, and Indoor Cycles.

1) Upright Bikes

The Upright bikes are more of a classic bicycle. They are just in the model of a basic bicycle where the whole weight of yours is engaged to the seat. The pedals are under the user’s feet just like how the normal bicycle does. The user’s core is kept upright while the arms are supported with moving bars. They are pretty easy to get transported as they offer minimal footprints. Some of these upright bikes models come with TV’s, etc. which require electric support. Upright bikes do not tend to leave soreness on their users rear and the back.

Upright Exercise Bikes for home
Upright Bikes

2) Recumbent Bikes

Recumbent bikes are more into the design of a recliner. They provide maximum support to the user’s back by a well-supported seating structure. The pedals are also in front of the user, unlike, the upright bikes. Coming to the handlebars they are placed at the sides which offer more comfort and flexibility. Just like the upright bikes, the recumbent bikes can be also outfitted with TV’s, small electronic gadgets. Recumbent bikes usually offer the lowest intensity workout and fewest engaged muscle groups, but are the most helpful for those with back/knee problems or recovering from injury.

Recumbent Exercise Bikes for home
Recumbent Bikes

3) Indoor Cycles

The Indoor cycles are a way more closer to the Upright bikes. The handles of the indoor cycles are a bit further pushing the riders more into rapid movement. This thereby involves more muscle training. Users might even stand and cycle which also involves rapid muscle movement and training. Indoor cycles generally lack the extra bits such as heart monitors, display meters, etc. This allows them to run without any power consumption. Generally, Gyms and fitness clubs use Indoor cycles in Spin cycle classes.

Indoor Cycles Exercise Bikes for home
Indoor Cycles

Out of all these types, we recommend you the one which you ought to enjoy more. Usually, it depends also on your usage. If you are a regular whole body Exerciser you can go with the Indoor Cycles as it pushes all of your body into a rhythm. Or, you can shift to the recumbent bike models which are of more comfort and style. Upright bikes offer you the 70{0b3fd6599db9053ff0758103be6712fc4974c63c9fe1dcc0949eeeb8e85e4961} of the style as in Indoor cycles and you can go in with them if you are a good giver of heart rate monitors and stuff.

How do Exercise Bikes work?

Exercise bikes do a whole lot of wonders for your body. They help in grouping your organs together in equilibrium which together conduct cool flexibility. In general, the main functions or the advantages of using Exercise bikes for home is
a) Acts beneficial to your heart
b) Gains muscles and strengthens your legs
c) Weight loss
d) Reduces the of Diabetes
e) Lowers cholesterol

How do Exercise bikes help lose weight?

Firstly, if you want to lose weight by exercising, you need to make sure that the bicycle you are onto is supporting your total weight. If it doesn’t then there is no point in using it. If you are very obese then it is pretty easier for you to lose weight as there is much water weight which is lost earlier. A good and planned workout allows you to lose 1000-1500 calories per week which is pretty decent. This accounts for about 2-4 pounds of weight loss per month, which is a good result for an exercise bike user.

Now, let us explore the top 9 Exercise Bikes for the home to lose weight. We will get into a good illustration of the pricing, features, and also the characteristics of each one of them.

1) Cardio Max JSB HF115

Cardio Max JSB HF115 Recumbent Exercise Bike for home

The Cardio Max JSB HF115 is a recumbent exercise bike with 4kg fly weight, back support, and handle. This is pretty much effective for people with back pain. Coming to the weight capacity, it can hold up to 100 kg with an 8 level tension controller. It also trains the core abdomen. It is mainly suited for elder people and also housewives.

2) Powermax Fitness BU-500

Powermax BU-500 Upright Exercise Bike for home

The Powermax Fitness BU-500 is a magnetic upright fitness bike with a 4 kg dual way flywheel system. This flywheel delivers a smooth, flexible, and realistic ride experience. The max user weight it can support is up to 110 kg. It also has an inbuilt LCD system which visualizes speed, time, distance, odometer, calories, and hand pulse.

3) 3G Cardio Elite UB Upright Bike

3G Cardio Elite UB Exercise Bike Cycle for home

The 3G Cardio Elite UB Exercise Cycle is another model in Upright bikes. This model features an adjustable over-sized seat which your back might feel safer. It is medium in size and can fit extremely well for any kind of a room you want to fit it in. It can support an overall weight of up to 160 Kg. Elite UB provides handheld heart rate contact sensors and an included wireless heart rate chest strap.

4) Cockatoo CFB-01 Fan Bike

Cockatoo CFB-01 Exercise Fan bike for home

The Cockatoo CFB-01 Exercise Bike is a model of fan bike which operates on mesh belt transmission mechanism. The diameter of the fan is around 17 inches which being pretty large allows more air resistance in turn providing an excessive work out. The maximum user weight it can support is around 110 kg. Also, the up and down adjustable seat keeps your waist in a neutral position.

5) Welcare WC 1588

Welcare WC 1588 Recumbent Exercise Bike for home

The Welcare WC 1588 falls under the category of recumbent bikes. It possesses an 8-level magnetic resistance and an assembly area of 64″x 26″x 42″. The flyweight overall is comprised of 5 kg with a two-way rotation and 3 pc-crank. The maximum user weight it can handle is around 110 kgs. It also equips a seat adjustable factor and the smooth handling system gives you excellent work out experience.

6) Powermax BR-600

Powermax BR-600 Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Powermax BR-600 is another type of recumbent Exercise bikes. It possesses a two way 4 KG fly wheel system and an 8-level tension resistance. It is driven by a belt system with comfortable anti-slip pedals. The maximum user weight it can possess is around 110 kg. Also, it has an LCD display system in-built in it which displays time, speed, distance, odometer, scan, calories, and hand pulse.

7) Reach Motiv 8

Reach Motiv-8 Spin Exercise Bike

The Reach Motiv-8 is a spin bike Exercise bike model which is best suited for weight loss at home. It is supported by a 14 kg flywheel and chain drive mechanism which provides complete control of accelerations and allows for coasting to recover. The Motiv-8 also possesses a 4-way adjustable seat and a moving handle knob. The maximum user weight it can possess is around 110 kg. It also comes with an LCD monitor that monitors speed, distance, time, and calories.

8) Cosco CEB TRIM 400R

Cosco CEB TRIM 400R Recumbent Exercise Bike

The Cosco CEB TRIM 400R is a recumbent exercise bike model which possesses a 6 kg flywheel. Its 8-level magnetic resistance system helps you to work out intensively with different levels of workout. The overall weight of the bike is 26 kg and it can support up to 110 kg of user weight. Its large LCD display monitors time, speed, distance, and pulse & calories measurement. It also possesses big luxury saddle with backrest and also offers horizontal seat adjustment.

9) Aerofit HF964

Aerofit HF94 Upright Exercise Bike

The Aerofit HF94 is a magnetic Upright exercise bike with a multi readout display time. It comes with a low maintenance design with no noise possessed while using. It is mainly well suited for cardio training, in turn, providing you a good cardiovascular system. The flywheel weight is around 4 kg which is pretty durable in use. The maximum user weight it can handle is around 70-85kg.

Indoor vs Outdoor

When coming to the indoors v/s the outdoors in regards to the biking fitness scenario it all depends on how you feel it. The Indoors is a bit comprehensive as they possess excessive training and intense workout. The flywheels that are equipped in the Exercise bikes for the home are pretty huge and hence you feel an intense working experience. When coming to the outdoors its all about balancing the road and wind friction. You might not even face an extensive working experience like in the Indoor ones but going for a long trek or up the hill plans might do a whole lot of good. In contrast to an indoor bike, you use your glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps, shins, and calves more when you’re on a bike outside—so your muscular fitness will likely be higher if you don’t spend much of your time, cruising.

For the most part, doing anything indoors, whether running, rowing or cycling will feel harder, and a big part of that is the boredom component.

Our Recommendations

Basically, you can get a great workout in terms of Indoor and Outdoor cycling too. But, it depends on your way of usage and stuff. If you are a frequently outgoing person and tend to go on outings it is best if you go with outdoor cycles, but, it also limits yourself to weather constraints. Also, if your place has a lot of traffic and also need to handle ill-roads, then it is best recommended you shift to indoors. If you have already owned an Indoor exercise bike, then you can shift to indoor itself which does not depend on the outdoor conditions.