AeroFit HF964 – Review- Best Upright Bike

AeroFit HF964

Product Name: AeroFit HF964

Price: Rs 10,000/-

The AeroFit HF964 falls under the category of the Upright spin bikes which are more of a classic bicycle model. As the upright bikes provide more of an experience like you are working on a regular bicycle, they are pretty easy to handle. Also, transportation and movement of such exercise bikes are pretty simple as they carry minimal weight/footprints. Upright bikes are best exercise bikes for home which involves intense training and workout which help users to gain maximum out of the workout sessions. Also, this is one of the best exercise bikes for home. Therefore, in the below context, we will get into the detailed review of the AeroFit HF964 Exercise bike.

AeroFit HF964

The AeroFit HF964 comes with a heart rate display that works best for progressive cardio improving and weight loss. It has a low maintenance design. It consists of rotating parts that adopts the quality bearing and is durable. These bikes are noiseless and you can workout in peace without the sound of cranking and crackling disturbing you.

Features of AeroFit HF964

Dimension30 X 20 X 48 inches
Handle TypeU-Bar style, in-built contact heart rate sensor with hand grips.
Motor TypeBelt Driven with Motorized Control Magnetic Resistance System
Power1.5 Volt x 2, AA Size battery
Frame StructureExtra sturdy and stable steel frame construction durability and stability


The upright bike is one of the most favored exercise bikes and the AeroFit HF964 is a perfect fit for that list. Therefore, here are a few benefits:

  1. The bike comes with an extra sturdy and solid steel frame construction durability and stability.
  2. The upright feature gives challenging cardio training, which makes the heart healthier. Also, it enables you to strengthen your entire cardiovascular system.
  3. It has a highly versatile saddle for simple for professional training.


Although the AeroFit HF964 is a great bike for daily workout, you might want to consider a few of its cons.

  1. The bike although is an upright bike, yet one can’t ride up on it.
  2. Assembling the heavy base is tedious.

Final Review

The Aerofit HF964 bike is an upright bike which comes with a sturdy base that ensures the stability and versatility during the workout. It has high magnetic resistance that makes sure that you are getting maximum from your workouts.

Conclusion: The AeroFit HF964 provides you with the maximum resistance which comes with magnetic resistance. It allows heavy workout sessions and if you are a workout enthusiast, then this is for you. But if you are looking for other categories, then you can visit Exercise Bikes for Home.

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