Cockatoo CFB-01 – Review- Best Budget Fan Bike

Cockatoo CFB-01 Fan Bike

Product Name: Cockatoo CFB-01

Price: Rs 12, 990/-

Pros: Wind resistance, smooth cardio workout

Cons: Noisy

Cockatoo CFB-01 is fan bike, which means that it doesn’t have any push-button resistance, nor pre-programmed workouts. Here, the users are entirely in charge of how much resistance they want to work with. The fan bike gets its resistance from the wind, which makes it differ from other categories of bikes. Its resistance increases by how fast the pedal moves. The faster the pedal moves, the faster the fan blades spin and the more resistance they generate. Slow down and the fan blades automatically slow down too, easing off on the resistance. This bike is one of the best exercise bikes for home in India.

Cockatoo CFB-01

The Cockatoo CFB-01 Fan Bike comes with an LCD monitor which can track calories, time, speed and distance. The flywheel size is 1.44 kgs with a mesh belt transmission mechanism and magnetic resistance that provide a quiet and smooth ride without interrupting you. The 17 inches fan allow more air resistance resulting in a more effective workout. The higher the speed and force, the more resistance gets created, which results in a better workout. The large non-slip foot pedals have a large surface area to push hard and keep your feet stable during the entire pedal stroke. This bike comes with 110 kgs of maximum user weight and height. The up and down adjustable seat keeps the wrist in a neutral position.

Features of Cockatoo CFB-01

Fan size17 inches
Style NameMotorized Treadmill


While the bike is a fan bike which reciprocates the resistance with the effort you put, here are a few benefits of having a fan bike at your house:

  1. The Cockatoo CFB-01 is very easy to install yourself it while you don’t have to wait for the service provider to arrive.
  2. It is significant for HIIT workouts.
  3. The bike gives smooth cardio workouts.
  4. The bike comes with an adjustable seat that ensures proper positioning of the wrist.


The Cockatoo CFB-01 fan bike has its own drawbacks too, and they can be:

  • Prone to clinking and clanking
  • Noisy and not so comfortable for night workouts.

Final Review

The Cockatoo CFB-01 is a fan bike that provides the maximum of your workout with the effort you put on it. It provides resistance from the wind, which is generated by the amount of energy you have been putting on it.

Conclusion: The category which the Cockatoo CBF-01 comes in requires a lot of effort, and your workout result is directly proportional to the effort you put in. Therefore, if you are looking for a high energy demanding bike, then Cockatoo CFB-01 is for you. And if you are looking for some other options like a recumbent bike, then you can read more at Exercise Bikes for Home.

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