Cosco CEB TRIM 400R-Review- The Best Budget Exercise Bike

Cosco CEB TRIM 400R

Product Name: Cosco CEB TRIM 400R

Price: Rs. 18,560/-

Cosco CEB TRIM 400R is another one of our recommended products which are inclined to the designed of Recumbent bikes. As we know that Recumbent bikes provide us with a good extension of support and flexibility, the TRIM 400R too just does that. The TRIM 400R is a classic recumbent exercise bike which helps you to workout with ease. In the below context we will go into a more detailed review of Cosco CEB TRIM 400R.

Cosco CEB TRIM 400R

Coming to the Cosco’s CEB TRIM 400R, it is a well designed, lighter look established Recumbent Exercise bike which is one of the best exercise bikes for home. Just like the other recumbent bikes, Cosco 400R model too provides saddleback support. Having possessed an 8 level magnetic resistance, it helps you to workout intensively with different levels of workout. Also, the foot pedals are so designed that they are non-skiddy and helped along with bootstrap. The LCD display is also a boost to the product making it even more effective to work on.

Key Features

Here are some key features tabulated, so as to give you a clear picture of the product’s specifications.

USEHome Use
DISPLAYYes, an LCD Display with Speed, Distance, Calories, and Time.
RESISTANCE SYSTEM 8 Level Magnetic Dual Resistance System
DIMENSIONS1350 x 640 x 1000mm
SEAT ADJUSTABLEThere is a mechanical knob for Horizontal Seat Adjustment


Here are some positives you can look into in regard to this product.

  • Helps in intense workout with the help of 8 level Magnetic resistance system.
  • Horizontal Seat adjustment accounts for use for people of even shorter heights too.
  • Reasonable Price with user-friendly worth experience.
  • Easy to install.
  • Light weight machine, which is easy to transport than the upright bikes.
  • Work performance meets your expectations.


As every product has some cons lined up for it, Welcare WC 1588 too, has a few. Explore them below.

  • Looks pretty small which creates an impression of a kid exercise bike.
  • Adjustment is present but it’s not easy to adjust it frequently if people of different heights are constantly using it.
  • Installation of the handle is unclear. Even though it’s easy to install one might consider it as a drawback if noted.
  • Screen Display is not that great as of the other recumbent bikes but does well.

Final Say

Although Recumbent bikes are mostly recommended to the people who are in their middle ages, the Cosco CEB TRIM 400R can be recommended to even small children too. The reason for this is because of the vast horizontal seat adjustment. Altogether this product is a good collection of all the features one would ask for. Being priced at a good budget for recumbent bikes, one can go for this without any hesitation. This product is pretty cool for home installations as well because of its lower body weight and the size of it. Therefore, go through the specs once more and we hope that this product is a better suit for most of the users. Also, you can go to Exercise Bikes for home and look for some other alternatives which top the list for Exercise bikes for home in India.

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