Powermax BR-600-Review- The Best Fitness Recumbent Bike

Powermax BR-600

Product Name: Powermax BR-600

Price: Rs. 25,500/-

Another Recumbent bike which has been most effective and efficient in terms of features and design. The BR-600 recumbent bike is a product from Powermax which is a leading home fitness equipment retailer. BR-600 is the best suit for you if you are a frequent back pain holder and feels uncomfortable using a traditional stationary bike. Recumbent bikes from Powermax are so designed that they lower the stress on the back and buttocks hence proving a significant point in supporting the user’s criteria. This top the list of best exercise bikes for home.

Powermax BR-600

Coming to the product, Powermax BR-600, as mentioned above is a worthy recumbent bike developed by Powermax Fitness. BR-600 is so designed that it can cope with a few health problems namely, Thigh Pain, Back Pain, and Foot Cramps. Also, the Powermax BR-600 provides great benefits which result in good cardiovascular exercise, strengthening of muscles, and comfort & stability. The LED display provided within it is a boost to its character which displays Time, Speed, Distance, Odometer, Scan, Calories, and Hand pulse.

Key Features

You can refer the table below for some of the features and the product description.

USEHome and Outdoor
DISPLAY READINGSTime, Speed, Distance, Odometer, Scan, Calories and Hand pulse
SEAT ADJUSTABLEThe comfort seat and back cushion provides exceptional comfort
RESISTANCE CONTROL LEVEL8 Levels of Magnetic Resistance


Here are some positives you can look into in regard to this product.

  • Helps prevention from some serious disorders like Back pain, Thigh Pains, and foot cramps.
  • Smooth, reliable, light, and silent magnetic belt drive.
  • Comfortable anti-slip pedals which add a realistic feel.
  • Proper Seat Adjustment.
  • There are wheels for easy transportation which help you to move it at ease.


As every product has some cons lined up for it, Welcare WC 1588 too, has a few. Explore them below.

  • Pricing is a bit on the higher side.
  • Recumbent bikes, as usual, take a lot more of spacing than other Exercise bike models
  • So much comfort in this model which might let down real fitness enthusiasts.

Final Say

We would recommend this recumbent bike to the people of middle ages as there is a lot more comfort in it. Also, this bike prevents severe pains related to the foot, thigh, and back which might help the older people. Although the pricing is high a bit, you can still go with this as it does not disappoint you with its salient features. You can go to Exercise Bikes for Home and look for some other alternatives which top the list for home purpose Exercise bikes.

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