Powermax Fitness BU-500-Review- High Impact Magnetic Upright Bike

Powermax Fitness BU-500

Product Name: Powermax BU-500

Price: Rs. 12,500/-

Standing in the category of Magnetic Upright Exercise bikes, Powermax BU-500 is the best cardio bike for people of all ages. Magnetic Upright bikes give you the perfect feel for a bicycle as the design is so close to it. These upright bikes just like the recumbent bikes are provided with an LCD monitor to keep a track of your Speed, distance, run-time, etc. In the below context we will get into the detailed review of the Powermax Fitness BU-500.

Powermax Fitness BU-500

The Powermax Fitness BU-500 drives you through a realistic riding experience all because of its 4Kgs dual way flywheel system. As these are the upright bikes, they possess a lesser weight altogether which is easy to transport and get into use with. Altogether they require lesser space for installation thereby can be used under small roofing spaces too. As the Upright bikes do, Powermax Fitness also helps you get involved in some serious training and cardio fitness. If you are in an intention to burn a maximum number of your calories then this is the best bet you can have. You can also keep track of all your performances like your pulse, calorie burn, distance, speed, and more with the LCD console making it one of the best exercise bikes for home in India.

Key Features

You can refer the table below for some of the features and the product description.

USEHome and Outdoor
DISPLAY READINGS Time, Speed, Distance, Odometer, Scan, Calories and Hand pulse
SEAT ADJUSTMENTPerfect, adjustable, comfortable seat cushion and vertical adjustments.
RESISTANCE CONTROL LEVEL 8 Level Magnetic Resistance
DRIVE SYSTEMBelt Driven Magnetic J6 Drive system.
FLYWHEEL SYSTEM4Kg Dual Way Flywheel System.


Here are some positives you can look into in regard to this product.

  • Best Cardio workout bicycle for extensive workouts.
  • Proper LCD display.
  • Decent Pricing, Affordable and worth the value.
  • 8 Level Magnetic Resistance system provides you extensive workout.
  • Cool seat adjustment.


As every product has some cons lined up for it, Welcare WC 1588 too, has a few. Explore them below.

  • Might not be applicable for people with back pains, thigh pains, etc. as these involve intense working out sessions.
  • Installation is easy but assembling the heavy base is tedious.

Final Say

On a final note, we would recommend this product to all the fitness enthusiasts who are looking to gain a lot of muscle strength and intense fitness. This product involves the highest impact on a trainee’s body. Also, as this is an Upright bike you can get into a realistic feeling of riding a bicycle. This is the best suit for outdoors too as it can be easily transported from one place to the other using the wheels. Overall, this is a good product for fitness enthusiasts and not for those who are into back and thigh problems. You can visit our site Exercisebikesforhome.com for some more interesting products in our picks.

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