Reach Motiv-8 Review- The Best Indoor and Outdoor Fitness Cycle

Reach Motiv-8

Product Name: Reach Motiv-8

Price: Rs. 13,499/-

The Reach Motiv-8 Exercise bike falls under the category of Spin Exercise bikes, which appear close to being termed as Upright bikes. One of the main advantages of Spin Exercise bikes is that it involves muscle training a lot which thrills fitness enthusiasts. Thereby, these type of cycles does not require any power consumption to be put into work and therefore are one of the best exercise bikes for home of 2019. Like the recumbent bikes and Upright bikes, the Spin bikes also possess an LCD monitor for tracking which makes it no different from them. In the below context, we will learn more in detail about the Reach Motiv-8 Spin bike.

Reach Motiv-8

Reach Motiv-8 is the best suit for people who are looking for a rapid weight loss workout at home. This bicycle is best supported at home/indoor gyms. The non-slip pedals give you smooth riding experience. Also possessing the digital monitor feedback display, Reach Motiv-8 is a good competitor for the Recumbent and Upright bikes as well. With no power consumption needed, Reach Motiv 8 helps you to get into use it even though there is no power or outdoors too. Also, there is not a need to charge it like other Exercise bikes in the market. To know more about this product get into key specs tabulated below.

Key Specifications

You can refer the table below for some of the features and the product description.

USEHome and Outdoor
DISPLAYYes. Speed, Calories, Distance, and Time.
RESISTANCE SYSTEM Chain Transmission System and Dual Side Brake System.
DIMENSIONS 1080*195*830 MM
FLYWHEEL 14 KGs with 3 PCs Crank


Here are some positives you can look into in regard to this product.

  • No need for any power consumption or power charge.
  • Easy installation and free movement because of the wheels provided for movement.
  • 360 degree handle rotation and 4-Wheel saddle movement.
  • Q Factor provides the feel of a real road bike. The result is added comfort and improved pedal stroke efficiency.
  • Speed, Distance, Time, and Calorie display.
  • Less installation space.


As every product has some cons lined up for it, Welcare WC 1588 too, has a few. Explore them below.

  • No presence of Heart rate Monitor.
  • Not much suitable for elderly people as this involves intensive work out.
  • People with frequent back pains and cramps might find it difficult to work out on this.
  • Although the pricing is pretty moderate, some might find it at a different edge.

Final Say

Coming to the way it has been designed and the way it can operate, it is a bliss to workout on this. This would be the top pick for us in the section of Spin bikes but we would like you to consider the level of workout you can put into and also the pricing factors. Not dependent on the external factors like Power consumption and recharges, this would be a cool one to work out; both indoors and outdoors. Also, the installation and movement is pretty easy hence making it pretty simple to operate and handle. You can go to Exercise bikes for home and look for some other alternatives which top the list for home purpose Exercise bikes.

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