Welcare WC 1588-Review- The Best User-Friendly Recumbent Bike

Welcare WC 1588

Product Name: Welcare WC1588

Price: Rs. 27000/-

Falling into the category of Recumbent bikes, Welcare WC 1588 is a cool product to be looked into. Recumbent bikes usually possess the design of a recliner. They provide great support to the user’s back which might be a lot helpful for people in the middle ages. As Recumbent bikes can possess electronic gadgets like performance monitors, they seem to be pretty user-friendly in design. In the below lines, we will go through the detailed review of Welcare WC 1588.

Welcare WC 1588

As mentioned above, Welcare WC 1588 is one of the best Recumbent models which is suitable for people of all ages. Coming to the manufacturer, Welcare is one of the topmost branded fitness and gym equipment store for gym setup and fitness accessories. Welcare WC 1588 being one of the products of Welcare, is the best suit for home-based workouts. This product is specially designed for home workouts and includes all the features you would want to list. Some of the top features include LCD Display, Adjustable seating, Floor level adjustable bush, etc. All these features in this bike make the bike one of the best bikes for home.

Key Features

You can refer the table below for some of the features and the product description.

USEHome Use
DISPLAY READINGSSpeed, Time, Distance, and Calories.
SEAT ADJUSTABLEYes, can be adjusted to your comfort.
RESISTANCE CONTROL LEVEL8 Levels of magnetic resistance
PRODUCT DIMENSION 64″x26″x42″(1630x660x1070mm)
FLYWHEEL 5Kgs, Two Way Rotation,3-pc-crank, Flat Belt.


Here are some positives you can look into in regard to this product.

  • Well Performed monitor with a good display of Speed, Time, Distance, and calories.
  • Easy Installation
  • No disturbances like sound, noise, etc. while working on it.
  • Comfortable Seating as the seat adjustment tool is available.
  • Tension controller works well without any complaints.
  • Elegant look


As every product has some cons lined up for it, Welcare WC 1588 too has a few. Explore them below.

  • Sometimes the LCD display never turns off.
  • Pricing may seem a bit uncomfortable for some.
  • People of short height might find difficult to use because the adjustment slide does not cater to their requirement.

Final Say

On a final note, it would be our best recommendation for recumbent exercise bikes. The product is definitely worth in terms of pricing and performance. Also, the seat adjustable and floor level adjustments make it suitable for people of all ages. Also, with an LCD monitor display, you cannot ask for more details for home exercising products. Go for this product if you are a person of medium height or more as the short people may find it a bit difficult in reaching out. Also, you can go to Exercise Bikes for home and look for some other alternatives which top the list for home purpose Exercise bikes for home in India.

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